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4.7 Fire safety and emergency evacuation

Policy Statement
We ensure our premises present no risk of fire by ensuring the highest possible standard of fire precautions. The person in charge and staff are familiar with the current legal requirements. Where necessary we seek the advice of a competent person, as a Fire Safety Consultant.


  • A supervisor has received training in fire safety sufficient to be competent to carry out the risk assessment; this will be written where there are more than five staff and will follow the Government guidance Fire and Safety Risk Assessment – Educational Premises (HMG 2006).
  • Where we rent premises, we will ensure that we have a copy of the fire safety risk assessment that applies to the building and that we contribute to regular reviews.
  • Fire doors are clearly marked, never obstructed, and easily opened from the inside.
  • Smoke detectors/alarms are fire fighting appliances conform BS EN standards, are fitted in appropriate high risk areas of the building and are checked as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Our emergency evacuation procedures are:
  • Clearly displayed in the premises;
  • Explained to new members of staff, volunteers and parents;
  • Practiced regularly, every 6 weeks.

Records are kept of fire drills and of the servicing of the fire safety equipment.
Emergency evacuation procedure

  • The manager and the member of staff carrying out the register that day will ensure that toilets and the backroom are empty in case of a fire being detected. Before exiting the building they must collect the grab bag, register, mobile and contact box.
  • If a fire is detected, the manager/supervisor will push the fire alarm situated in the main hall, this also alerts staff and children in the annexe.
  • Gather staff and children together and leave the building immediately via the fire exit from the main hall through to the garden area. All persons will exit through the right gate into the car park and proceed to the far right hand corner assembly point, which leads to Briar Close.
  • Staff in the annexe will check toilets, collect the register and then exit through the main door of the annexe and proceed down the ramp and meet at the assembly point in the far right hand corner of the car park.
  • If a fire starts near the fire doors leading to the garden, the staff and children will then exit through the foyer into the car park.
  • Manager or supervisor to take register and staff to complete a head count to ensure all children and staff are accounted for.
  • The safe place is a short 3 minute walk to 15 Hawkwell Park Drive, Hawkwell, Essex. To safely arrive at this address, there is a long safety rope in the grab bag which all children must hold with one hand to create a ‘walking bus’.
  • Manager to contact parents to arrange collection of children.

The fire drill record book must contain:

  • The date and time of the drill.
  • How long it took.
  • Whether there were any problems that delayed the evacuation.
  • Any further action taken to improve the drill procedure.

Date: February 2022
Reviewed by: Hannah Miller (Deputy Manager)
A review of the ‘Fire Safety and Evacuation’ policy was carried out.

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