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1.7 Mobile Phones Policy

Policy statement

Clever Clogs Preschool promotes a “Culture of safety” in which both children and staff are protected from abuse, harm and distress. We have a clear policy on the acceptable use of mobile phones that is understood by staff and parents. Key principles are; 

  • To protect children from harm and abuse.
  • Prevent staff from being subject to false allegations.
  • Help staff remain focused on the care of the children.
  • Work in an open and transparent environment.

Staff use of mobile phones

  • Personal mobile phones belonging to members of staff must be kept in the kitchen during working hours.
  • If a member of staff needs to make an urgent personal call they can use their own mobile phone within the kitchen area, but are to inform the manager.
  • If a member of staff needs to keep their mobile phone to hand for a family emergency or similar, permission must be obtained from the Manager or deputy.
  • Under no circumstances may staff use their personal mobile phones to take any photographs at the preschool during working hours.
  • Staff must not use their mobile phones to discuss any child who attends the setting as all information stored about the child is confidential to the parents.
  • Staff are permitted to wear smart watches which do not have a camera in the setting. Staff are not permitted to use smart watches for answering calls and messages, and should be placed in ‘airplane mode’ to stop calls and messages coming through. If staff begin using the smart watches for such means, management will have the right to ban them.

Visitors' use of mobile phones

  • Parents and all other visitors must not use their mobile phones or any other device to take photographs or videos within the setting. 
  • An exception may be granted at the settings annual concerts; all parents will be asked their permission before the concert begins and if all parents are in agreement an exception will be made.

Date: September 2021
Reviewed by: Hannah Miller (Deputy Manager)
A review of the Mobile Phone policy was carried out.

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