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4.4 Supervision of children on outings and visits

Policy statement
Children benefit from being taken out of the setting to go on visits or trips to local parks or other suitable venues for activities which enhance their learning experiences. Staff in our setting ensure that there are procedures to keep children safe on outings; all staff and volunteers are aware of and follow procedures below.


  • Parents sign a general consent on registration for their children to be taken out as a part of the daily activities of the setting.
  • This general consent details the venues used for daily activities.
  • There is a risk assessment for each venue carried out, which is reviewed regularly.
  • Parents are always asked to sign specific consent forms before major outings and parental help encouraged.
  • A risk assessment is carried out before an outing takes place.
  • All venue risk assessments are made available for parents to see.
  • Our adult to child ratio is high, normally one adult to two children, depending on their age, sensibility and type of venue as well as how it is to be reached.
  • Children and parent helpers are allocated to individual staff to ensure each child is individually supervised, to ensure no child goes astray, and that there is no unauthorised access to children.
  • If, on the outing, the child’s actual parent or carer attends, then that parent is responsible for her own child for the duration of the outing.
  • Details of outings are kept with the Health and Safety Files held at the setting.
    • The date and time of outing.
    • The venue and mode of transport.
    • Names of staff and parents helpers and children present on outing.
    • Time of return.
  • Staff take a mobile phone on outings, and supplies of tissues, wipes, pants etc as well as a mini first aid pack, snacks and water. The amount of equipment will vary and be consistent with the venue and the number of children as well as how long they will be out for.
  • The supervisor takes a list of children with them and contact numbers of parents/carers.
  • Records are kept of staff vehicles that may be used to transport children, with named drivers and appropriate insurance cover.
  • A minimum of two staff should accompany children on outings and a minimum of two should remain behind with the rest of the children if applicable.

Date: September 2021
Reviewed by: Hannah Miller (Deputy Manager)
A review of the ‘Outing and Visits’ policy was carried out.

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