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The Pre-School operates an Equal opportunities policy in line with all current government legislation, we are open to every family in the community regardless of race, religion or gender. As a group we raise children's awareness of different cultures, incorporating this in our plans and displaying positive images around the setting.

The waiting list is not operated on a first come first served basis, and we do try to offer places to children who are new to the area, and to parents or carers who have not registered their children with us prior to their second birthday.

Children can attend sessions from the age of two. All parents are welcome to visit during the Pre-School sessions and will be invited to stay for a session prior to their child starting.

You are under no obligation to accept places offered to you as a result of your child's name being on the waiting list.

Registration form

A form with your child’s personal details, must be completed and handed in with emergency telephone numbers, your doctor’s details and any allergies your child might have. You can download a copy of the form here. Please return your completed form to either the Hawkwell or Westerings setting, or email directly to the pre-scool


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