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Meet the Quirks

The Quirks love to travel and see the world!

Meet the querks

Hello we are the quirks, and our names are Martha, Toffee, Duncan, Whoopee and Bertie.

We live at Clever Clogs but we really like to spend time with children and especially love going on holidays or spending a weekend away. We have all been to some lovely places and done some exciting things!! So please if you would like to take us away or just play with one of us for a weekend please do ask!!  We keep a picture book to share with the children and we have a lot of fun!.


Whoopee in New York

Whoopee enjoying the sights and sounds of New York

With some help from NYPD

If you are lost, just ask a NYPD policeman...

Bertie on a beach

Life is a beach...

Martha on a boat in Borneo

Martha enjoying a boat ride in Borneo


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