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Trips and Outings

Parents/carers permission will be obtained prior to any outing, along with permission for your child to receive emergency medical treatment as deemed necessary by a Medical Practitioner. A full Risk  Assessment is undertaken for all trips. Coaches used are fitted with seat restraints.

Assistance on trips and outings are always welcome and our ratios are one adult to two children. We will take the opportunity to include road safety within the curriculum throughout the year.

Special Events

During the year we try to organise special events for children/parents. For example, Christmas party, day trips to local attractions, open days. We also have visits from the fire Brigade and Police. Clever Clogs also celebrate special events in relation to different cultures such as Chinese New Year, Divali and Easter.

Take Home Libraries Children reading

Each child has the opportunity to select a book to take home and share with their family, any pictures or discussion that arises from this are shared with the group. Your child will be provided with a book bag and assigned a day to return and select a different one. A well stocked book corner gives every child the opportunity and encouragement to become familiar with books, able to handle them and be aware of their uses, both for reference and as a source of stories and pictures. Included within each child's book bag is a book review form for parents/carers to add their comments and share with us whether their child liked the book. There is also a literacy board in the foyer to let parents know our "Book of the month".

Special Needs

We believe no child, individual or family should be excluded from Pre-School activities because the child has Special Needs or disabilities defined by the Children’s Act (2014) and/or Education Act (1993). We operate in accordance with the Department of Education Special Needs Code of Practice (2001).

If a child has a particular need or disability, detailed discussion with the parent/carer will ensure the specific needs of the child are known. Arrangements will be made to meet those needs, and if necessary the group will provide one to one support and work with parents and other agencies. Please see our full Special Needs Policy.

Clever Clogs staff are committed to Special Education Needs training and implementing the Inclusion Development Programme.


All children should be supplied with a full set of spare clothing in their slipper bag, including plimsoles. All clearly labelled with their name. Clothing should be practical and easy for a child to take on or off to aid greater independence.

If your child attends Pre-School in nappies, please ensure spare nappies, wipes, and nappy sacks are also provided in their shoe bags.

Clever Clog sweatshirts and polo shirts can be purchased, examples of the uniform and order forms are available in the foyer. Although the uniform is not compulsory it does help the child feel part of the group and is practical for the sessions activities.

Children’s Property

We ask parents to avoid bringing in personal items i.e. jewellery, money, toys etc. Children often become upset if these get lost or broken. The Pre-School cannot accept liability for any loss or damage.

Children’s comforters

If your child has a favourite comfort item, please feel free for them to bring it in to the Pre-School, this can be important for your child during the settling in period.



COVID 19: During the current recovery plan from the Pandemic lockdown we would ask that you do not send your child into preschool if they are generally unwell, have a cough, cold, temperature or have been administered Calpol before arriving at the setting. They may be refused entry. This is for the setting to  minimise the risk of infection to other children who attend the setting and also for the staff working on the premises. This procedure wil be reviewd on a regular basis.

If your child contracts any contagious disease, please notify the Pre-School as soon as possible.

If your child has been vomiting or suffering from  diarrhoea they should not return to Pre-School for at least 48 hours.

If your child becomes ill during the Pre-School day you will be notified, and if necessary you may be asked to collect them.

You will be notified if your child attends the group with Head Lice. You will be required to give your child appropriate treatment before your child returns to Pre-School. No child will be excluded from the Pre-School for this condition.


If requested by a parent/carer, the Proprietor or Supervisor will administer medication to your child. Staff are experienced in administering many medications, including those given to asthmatics or children with allergic reactions. If regular medication needs to be administered you will be required to fill in the Medication Records Book.

Health and Safety

Clever Clogs is committed to a policy of the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974). A comprehensive document can be obtained from the Proprietor upon request. Fire drills are held once a term during every session for the period of one week. Risk assessments within the work placement are completed on a daily basis.

Accident bookAccidents

Any accidents, however minor, will be recorded in the Accident Book. It will be shown to the parent/carer for signature at the end of the session, together with treatment given.


We believe that children and adults flourish best in an environment in which everyone knows what is expected of them. Children are free to develop their play and learning without being hurt or hindered by anyone else. We aim to work towards a situation in which children can develop self discipline and self esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. To achieve this all adults will provide a positive role model for the children with regard to friendliness, care and courtesy.

All adults in Pre-School will praise and endorse desirable behaviour such as kindness and willingness to share. We will ensure that any rules are applied consistently and to build up useful habits of behaviour.

If a child attends with unacceptable behaviour, the Supervisor or Key Person will liase with the parent/carer to discuss appropriate action. We will supply one to one adult support to the child establish what was wrong, and work towards a better pattern.

We are aware that sometimes behaviour may arise from a child’s Special Needs. More information is available in our Behaviour Policy.

Safeguarding Children

As a registered sessional care provider we have a duty to inform Social Services and Ofsted should we be concerned about the welfare of any child. This may be taken with or without the parent/carers knowledge as deemed appropriate by the Proprietor/Supervisor.

Please read our Safeguarding Children Policy

Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint please see the Supervisor of the session. If the Proprietor is not in attendance, the Supervisor will pass on all complaints to her.

All complaints will be dealt with in strict confidence.

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